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News & events 25/09/17

Chester Zoo report reveals the impact of volunteering in zoological collections

Chester Zoo recently published a report which highlights the impact of volunteering in zoological collections in the UK.

News & events 30/08/17

Meet Abbie Buxton: Bird Intern

Abbie is studying at Nottingham Trent University and had to do a one year placement as part of her degree. After doing an assignment at university that sparked her interest in birds, she decided to come to Chester Zoo to do her internship, splitting her time between taking care of our birds alongside carrying out a research study investigating the husbandry techniques and the breeding behaviour of the Javan green magpie (Cissa thalassina).

  • Conservation Breeding and Management
  • Birds
  • Javan green magpie

News & events 29/08/17

Meet Lydia Underwood: Behaviour and Welfare Intern

Lydia is a zoology student from the University of Manchester who always had a strong interest in animal behaviour. She had the opportunity to do various field courses where she always picked behavioural projects whenever possible. When she saw the zoo advertising a Behaviour and Welfare Internship she knew she had to apply!

  • Sun bears
  • Biodiversity Surveys and Ecological Research

News & events 16/08/17

Crop raiding and local people’s attitudes on Bawean island

A new study led by Chester Zoo’s Field Programme Coordinator for South East Asia, Dr Johanna Rode-Margono, explores the perceptions and attitudes of local people on the island of Bawean towards Bawean warty pig (Sus blouchi), a species that sometimes raids crops.

  • South East Asia
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