About us

Wildlife conservation is at the heart of everything we do. We use scientific evidence to help identify and address many of the challenges our natural world faces.

We aim for our conservation research to help in decision making that improves the management of the animals and plants in our care, influence the sustainability of wild populations, and inspire others to join us in our challenge to Act for Wildlife and protect the living world.

Our conservation work involves our highly skilled and experienced zoo staff and falls under six broad specialisms.

Meet our team

Catherine Barton

Rebecca Biddle

Sarah Bird

Hannah Brooks

Greg Counsell

Dr Nick Davis

Victoria Davis

Dr Simon Dowell

Gabby Drake

Dr. Lindsay Eckley

Phillip Esseen

Dr Gerardo Garcia

Dr Lisa Holmes

Frederick Howat

Andy Jennings-Giles

Mike Jordan

Hannah Khwaja

Valerie de Liedekerke

Javier Lopez

Rebecca Mogey

Dr. Andy Moss

Stuart Nixon

Andrew Owen

Dr Mark Pilgrim

Dr Claire Raisin

Philippa Roberts

Dr Johanna Rode-Margono

Tim Rowlands

Dr Cathrine Sauer

Charlotte Smith

Victoria Thomas

Dr Simon Tollington

Dr Steve Unwin

Dr Sue Walker

Dr Leah Williams

Scott Wilson

Dr Alexandra Zimmermann

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