Chester Zoo is a fantastic and unique learning experience for everyone and can bring your text books and school lessons to life!

We are the Discovery and Learning Team and we’re a bunch of enthusiastic experts ready and waiting to share our passion for the natural world.

We offer workshops, from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 5 and above, in science, psychology and business studies, leisure and tourism and with our amazing 11,000 animals, our incredible collection of artefacts and our first-hand experience of working with wildlife both overseas and here at home, the zoo is just the ticket for making dry facts come to life.

Today’s hot topics for all levels of study are here at the zoo: eco-systems, human/wildlife conflict, sustainability, climate change; it’s all here and we have the experience to back up these buzz words with real life stories as you watch conservation in action.

Younger pupils will love seeing and hearing about different habitats, African animals, rainforest animals and all the curious creatures that populate our world. And there’s a treat in store later in the year when we’ll be running Wild Winter, a special workshop for Christmas where your pupils will be able to meet a very special visitor!

Our animals offer a multi-sensory experience too! Feel the bats fly past you in Fruit Bat Forest and you can’t just see the elephants, you can smell them! And plenty of our animals like to make themselves heard! They’re not the only ones! Our Zoo Ranger Team are always enthusiastic and on the lookout to have chats with our visitors, enthusing them with wildlife tales.

There’s lots more information about educational visits on these pages. Just take a look at the Key Stage you’re interested in and then give us a call to book your trip. You can find our contact details on the Book Your Visit page.

We’re looking forward to meeting the conservationists of the future!

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