Animal Talks & Exhibitions

Hello! We're the Zoo Rangers! We're a team of talented, enthusiastic, expert people and our job is to help you have an amazing time in the zoo.

We can help you to discover cool stuff about some of the most endangered and exotic animals in the world…

  • Why do bats hang upside down?
  • How many teeth does an elephant have?
  • Do bees have knees?
  • Why do penguins walk with a waddle?
  • How fast can sloth go?
  • What on earth is a Mountain Chicken? (and can you find more Mountain Chickens than we can?)
  • Why do monkeys have big bums?

You'll spot us all over the zoo, so come and say hello.

You can find us talking about the animals or in Fruit Bat Forest (we’re the ones with the badges that glow in the dark).

Animal Talks

Ever wanted to know what a lion uses its big teeth for? How fast a penguin can swim or how many muscles are in an elephant’s trunk? Then our talks will suit you down to the ground.

You can ask whatever you like and we’ll let you in on all the little secrets, you may even encounter a lion skull or an elephants tooth!

Each day we do different talks at different times, so double check when you are at the zoo (but just so you know, sometimes we need to change the times of our talks because of the weather or animal needs).

Check out which talks are on this week

Fruit Bat Forest

This has got to be one of our favourite places in the zoo – not many people can say they spend half of their life in the dark with bats flying over their head!

Here are a few things you need to know...

  • Our bats are Fruit bats – they eat fruit (not people!)
  • No - they won’t get tangled in your hair!
  • No - they won’t drink your blood!

Now you know the basics… relax, take your time and seek us out (we're the ones with the glow in the dark badges and special red ‘bat torches’).

We’ll answer all your questions and show you where our bats like to hang out. And by the way… yes, we do turn the lights on at night!

Out and About

When we aren’t too busy with all of the above, you can find us out and about in the zoo.

Some of our favourite areas are at the elephants, Spirit of the Jaguar and Realm of the Red Ape, and if you see us, you may discover...

  • how chillies affect elephants in India
  • how we keep track of the Rhinos in Africa
  • why slow sloths are very good at not being eaten
  • why what we eat can affect the orangutans in Borneo

So if you have any questions or would like to come up close with some fantastic props and artefacts, look out for us.