Safari Rangers


Our Safari Ranger team is ready and set to visit schools and community groups within 60 minutes of the zoo to deliver exciting interactive workshops to your students - for FREE!

We have a choice of workshops for each key stage, each lasting 40-60 minutes. You can explore our range of workshops on the links below. They work either as a stand-alone session or as preparation for a zoo visit and we're always happy to discuss your needs beforehand so your pupils have the best possible experience from our visit.

Our intrepid Safari Ranger arrives in the Rangermobile and brings along brilliant biofacts for use in our workshops. Elephant tusks, snake skins, macaw feathers, skulls, porcupine quills or ostrich eggs are just a few of the amazing biofacts which our Safari Ranger uses to teach your pupils about the natural world in our sessions which include interactive activities too. Our artefacts really do bring a little bit of the zoo to you!

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Just so you know, no live animals are included in our visits.

How far do we travel?

Travel time from the zoo 
(based on AA route planner)

up to 30 minutes

up to 45 minutes

up to 60 minutes

Minimum number of classes




Maximum number of classes (dependent on 3 Safari Rangers being available)




Start time





We'd always like to see more than one class to make our visit worthwhile so please check if other classes in your school would like a visit too before you book.

To fit 4 sessions into your school day you may need to be flexible with break times.

To fit 7 sessions into your school day you may need to be flexible with break times

For small schools: 
If you are a small school that is over 30 minutes away but you would still like a visit then try contacting another school in your local area and we’ll do two sessions at each school.

For community groups: The same rules apply for community groups, if you have a big group you can split them into smaller groups of up to 30 for each session. 

Book a FREE visit

To book a visit to your school, or for more information, you can contact our Safari Ranger by emailing or by phone on 01244 389 738. Our Safari Ranger is out at schools for a good part of the day so leave a message and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Our Safari Ranger project is a FREE, in-school service kindly supported by Philip Barker Charity and Urenco Capenhurst along with various small grants.