09 04/09/2010

International Vulture Awareness Day

Chester Zoo has recently supported vulture conservation projects in Nepal, Kenya and South Africa.

This Saturday is International Vulture Awareness Day, with conservationists raising awareness about the plight of vultures round the world.

Vultures are scavengers; they feed on dead animals and by doing this, keep the environment clean and prevent the spread of diseases amongst wildlife.  As a result, they are an ecologically important species. 

Sadly, some species are threatened with extinction, and losing them would have a devastating effect on the environment in which they live. Just some of the threats to vultures include poisoning, persecution and loss of habitat. Conservationists around the world are carrying about important work in the hope of preventing further declines in their numbers. 

You can see 3 species of vulture at the zoo, including the Black Vulture, shown in this photograph, which we are helping to conserve through the 2010 EAZA European Carnivore Campaign

For more information on International Vulture Awareness Day, visit www.international-vulture-awareness-day.org


Photograph copywright Bruno Berthemy