11 09/11/2010

Mkomazi: ‘Born Wild’ book

Mkomazi National Park is a hugely important part of Tanzania's national Black rhino conservation strategy - the park holds 20% of Tanzania's Black Rhino population.

Chester Zoo has supported Mkomazi in various ways over the years, presently the focus is support of an environmental education programme - this has seen the purchase of an education bus and materials, plus the salary for an education officer. Chester Zoo education staff have been key to this project, helping Mkomazi set up an education programme for the local community.  Previous support for Mkomazi has included infrastructure improvements, reinforcing the fence of the Mkomazi Rhino Sanctuary and help in funding the translocation of three rhinos to the park in 2009. 

The success of Mkomazi has been due to the dedication and work of Tony Fitzjohn and the George Adamson Wildlife preservation Trust.  Tony Fitzjohn has recently released his book 'Born Wild', telling his personal story from the time he worked at Kora in Kenya with George Adamson (of 'Born Free' fame) to the success of Mkomazi and the newly created National Park. 

Photo - courtesy of Save The Rhino International.