09 29/09/2011

A Successful Year for Our Project Partners

We are delighted by news this month from our project partners Katala, who run the Philippine Cockatoo Conservation Programme.

Not only have they had one of the best breeding seasons on record, Katala also won the Governor’s Award this year for their ‘loyal dedication and unwavering commitment to wildlife conservation in the Province of Palawan’.

The successful breeding season has meant that Katala banded 75 hatchlings on Rasa Island, and 19 of the 22 hatchlings on Pandanan Island.

Roger Wilkinson, our Head of Field Conservation and Research, visited the site on Pandanan in April this year and took part in the field work and banding of the chicks.

These fantastic results, both here and in the field, will have a significant impact on the future survival of this rare parrot.

Congratulations Katala!