02 10/02/2012

New Digs for Rhino Rangers

Rhino poaching has hit crisis level across Africa in the past couple of years.

Poaching for their horns for use in traditional medicine has increased dramatically and the need to protect the critically endangered Black Rhinos is rising every day.

Image courtesy of Save the Rhino International.

The Massailand Preservation Trust (MPT) are our partners in Kenya. Staff at the trust work tirelessly throughout the year to protect the Black Rhinos found in Chyulu Hills National Park and the surrounding ranchland, often working in very harsh and dangerous conditions.

The MPT, working alongside the Kenya Wildlife Service, are increasing their activities to ensure the Chyulu Hills population is protected. This means the rangers are improving the park security and their anti-poaching work.

As you can imagine, the rangers at MPT don’t have an easy job, so to help make their lives a bit easier we provided support to upgrade the staff and visitor accommodation in the park.

The camp, known as ‘Simba Camp’, is the home of the MPT staff when they’re on duty and is the hub of conservation activity at Chyulu Hills. The old building was in a serious state of disrepair and was no longer adequate for their needs.

Work began last year to build the new kitchen and dining area and will be completed in the next few months.

Have a look at the progress that’s been made so far in the photos below.

preparing the foundation

Preparing the foundations.

poles erected and roofing in progress

Poles erected and roofing in progress.

mess roofing with iron sheets complete

Mess roofing with iron sheets complete, kitchen in the background.

Mess-roofing complete and walls cemented

Mess-roofing complete and walls cemented.