Hannah Khwaja

B.Sc (Hons) M.Sc.

Field Conservation Assistant

My passion for conservation was inspired over the course of my undergraduate degree in Zoology at the University of Manchester, during which I was lucky enough to study a variety of species ranging from fingernail-sized frogs to the fastest land mammal on the planet. 

I then moved on to a Masters in Conservation and Biodiversity at the University of Exeter, where I worked with the ZSL Badger Cattle Contact Project on the topical and controversial issue of badgers and bovine tuberculosis in the UK. Following this, I spent six months with the IUCN SSC Pangolin Specialist Group investigating the utility of camera trapping as a monitoring tool for pangolins and helping to spread the word about these fascinating and highly endangered animals.

In 2016 I joined Chester Zoo as Field Conservation Assistant. In this role I provide administrative and practical support for the Field Programmes and Conservation Science Division, including our conservation grants system, research projects, communications and campaign activities.

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