Dr Simon Tollington

BSc, MSc, PhD.

Conservation Scientist

My research interests lie in maintaining and replacing the ecological and evolutionary processes that support species and populations as dynamic, adaptable entities. Much of my work to date has been to provide evidence based solutions to managing endangered bird populations on Mauritius. 

As such my work on population genetics, the effects of supplemental feeding and impacts of disease in the Mauritius parakeet has direct management implications for this and other species. My experience in population genetic research also extends to using non-invasive sampling methods on tigers in Bangladesh and Arabian leopards in Oman. 

I am also interested in investigating the impacts and policy associated with invasive alien species and currently involved in a European COST Action Network ‘ParrotNet’ tasked with assessing the implications of non-native parrots. 

I joined Chester Zoo in 2016 as Conservation Scientist from DICE, University of Kent where I completed my PhD and was subsequently a Lecturer in Conservation Biology.

Partners and Collaborators

  • Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology (DICE), University of Kent
  • Mauritius Wildlife Foundation

Key publications

Tollington, S., Turbe, A., Groombridge, J., Rabbitsch, W., Scalera, R., Essl, F. and Shwartz, A. (2015) Making the EU Legislation on Invasive Species a Conservation Success. Conservation Letters. Early view online.

Tollington, S., Greenwood, A., Jones, C., Hoeck, P., Tatayah., V., and Groombridge, J. (2015) Long-term monitoring of an endangered parakeet population reveals disproportionate effects of viral outbreak on productivity of supplementary-fed birds but little signal of immune response. Journal of Animal Ecology. 84, 969-977

Jackson, H., Strubbe, D., Tollington, S.; Prys-Jones, R.; Matthysen, E. and Groombridge, J. (2015)

Ancestral origins and invasion pathways of the globally invasive ring-necked parakeet (Psittacula krameri) correlate with climate and influences from bird trade. Molecular Ecology. 24, 4269-4285

Tollington, S., Jones, C., Greenwood, A.,Tatayah, V., Raisin, C., Burke, T., Dawson, D. and Groombridge, J. (2013) Long-term, fine-scale temporal patterns of genetic diversity in the restored Mauritius parakeet reveal genetic impacts of management and associated demographic effects on reintroduction programmes. Biological Conservation. 161, 28-38.

Struebig, M., Turner, A., Giles, E., Tollington, S., Davies, R., Bernard, H., and Bell, D. (2013). Evaluating the biodiversity value of repeatedly logged rainforests: a gradient approach from Borneo. Advances in Ecological Research. 48, 183-224.

Jones, C., Tollington, S., Raisin, C., Zuel, N., Tatayah, V. (2013) Birds of the Mascarenes: Psittacula. In The Birds of Africa: Volume VIII: The Malagasy Region (eds. Safford R., Hawkins F.), pp. 430-438, A&C Black Ltd.

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