Dr Steve Unwin

BSc, BVSc, Dip ECZM (Zoo Health Management) MRCVS

Veterinary Officer

I graduated with a science degree majoring in physiology and ecology and a veterinary science degree, both from Massey University in New Zealand. I have worked in several zoos, wildlife rehabilitation centres and conservation projects in Australia, Thailand and Cameroon. This work brought me into contact with conservation health expertise form around the world and I was lucky enough to bring several projects with me to Chester Zoo in 2003. 

Since then I have been part of Chester Zoo Animal Health team as a veterinary officer. Our team provide the clinical service to the zoo’s on site animal collection. But in addition we integrate this work within the zoo with work in research and the field. I help train the wildlife health experts of tomorrow not only here at the zoo but also through alliances and networks in Africa and South East Asia, as well veterinary schools here in the UK. 

My current areas of veterinary research interest include wildlife disease risk analysis and the vets role in One Health, primate medicine, the effect of capacity building on conservation impact and the use of media to promote conservation medicine messages.

Partners and Collaborators

European College of Zoological Medicine Diplomate. Recognised specialist in Zoo Health Management; Member of the Scientific Committee

Animal health co-ordinator and co-founder: OVAG (Orangutan Veterinary Advisory Group) (2009 – current). Implementation and strategic development of veterinary aspects of orangutan health in the wild and in captivity in SE Asia

Facility Inspector and reviewer EARS (European Alliance of Rehabilitation centres and Sanctuaries). (2010 – current)

Technical advisor, evaluator and co-founder of Wildlife Impact, an American based NGO focused on conservation impact evaluation, capacity development provision and conservation advocacy

Lecturer – Liverpool University (2003 – current)

Lecturer on RVC Masters’ in Conservation Biology and Wild Animal Health (2011 – current)

Committee member, Captive Care Working Party of the Primate Society of Great Britain (2008-current)

Associate Editor of Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine (2013 - current)

Member, Advisory Committee for Ape reintroduction (2013 – current)

Current relevant memberships – IUCN wildlife health specialist group (since 2013 ) ECZM (since 2014) BVZS (since 2003), AAZV (since 1999) , EAZWV (since 2013) Primate Society of Great Britain (since 2008)

Projects I'm involved in

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