Tim Rowlands

Curator of Mammals

I started working at Chester Zoo in 1984 as a Giraffe Keeper, then became a Lead Keeper, Team Manager and finally Curator of Mammals. My role is extremely diverse and involves managing the staff on the ground, curating the entire mammal collection, making sure the husbandry and well-being is the best possible for all the species under my care, and planning and designing new habitats within the zoo.

In addition to managing around 60 staff members, I also supervise over 20 interns and encourage them to become the zoo keepers of the future. I’m actively involved at a national and international level, as the European Endangered species Programme (EEP) Co-ordinator for the banteng, a member of the Global Species Management Plan for the Asian Wild Cattle Specialist Group and also advisor on husbandry for babirusa and anoa.

Projects I'm involved in

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