Victoria Davis

B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D.

Behaviour Officer

My background is in animal behaviour and I’m interested in applying findings from behavioural research to improve animal well-being. 

For my PhD research, I studied spatial cognition in fish, in particular I was interested in the cues fish use to navigate as they move in three dimensions through their environment. Prior to this, I studied the social relationships and group dynamics of a herd of Southern giraffes in South Africa. I also conducted an independent research project at Bristol zoo where I investigated the impact of 24-hour automatic feeding devices on the activity levels of mongoose lemurs, a species that are active both at night and during the day. 

I joined the Applied Science team at Chester Zoo in 2017 as Behaviour Officer. My role involves observing the behaviour of different species of animals at the zoo and reporting back interesting findings to the curators. I also work closely with students conducting Undergraduate, Masters and PhD research at the zoo.

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