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The Nigerian Montane Forest Project

Located in a remote highland area of Nigeria, the Ngel Nyaki forest and the nearby montane forests of the Gotel and Shebshi Mountains fall within the Cameroon Highlands Ecoregion, which is exceptionally rich in endemic taxa.

Nigerian Montane Forest Project

However the biodiversity of Nigerian mountains is less well known than that of any other African montane region. The Nigerian Montane Forest Project (NMFP) is the main body carrying out research on Nigerian montane forest diversity, ecology and restoration.

Information on forest ecosystem dynamics such as fruiting phenology and abundance, plant-animal interactions, avian and primate ecology and basic taxonomic studies are essential in any effective management plan for the long-term sustainability of the forests. 

The project’s main objectives include:

  • Combining scientific research with education at both tertiary and a local community level in order to develop long term sustainable management of Nigeria’s montane forests
  • Facilitating the involvement of national and international researchers in Nigerian montane forest research
  • Involving the community in the management of montane forest ecosystems
  • Restoring forest to Ngel Nyaki forest reserve through a forest nursery/restoration program
  • Inspiring the community with an awareness of the importance of their forests 
Nigerian Montane Forest Project

Project Partners

Uni of Canterbury

Project team

Key Facts

The Nigerian Montane Forest is a Birdlife International Important Bird Area
The Nigerian chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes eliotii) is the least numerous subspecies of chimpanzee with less than 6,000 individuals remaining
The area has a high frequency of undescribed species

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