Bawean Biodiversity Survey

Bawean Island is a small island located around 150 km on the north side of Java Island, between the islands of Java and Kalimantan. The island is known to be home to several endemic mammal flagship species but other lesser studied taxonomic groups are expected to contain even more endemics.

This pilot study led by our partner, the Research Centre for Climate Change University of Indonesia, will be conducted in several habitat types inside the Bawean Wildlife Sanctuary and the Bawean Nature Reserve.

The biodiversity of Bawean is threatened by habitat loss due to anthropogenic alteration and destruction by fire forests in the dry season. Due to the island’s small size and small populations, the biodiversity of Bawean Island may additionally be especially vulnerable to climate change. However indicator species that can sense environmental changes are unknown for Bawean.

Bawean biodiversity project

This research will gather baseline information regarding biodiversity on Bawean, as well as identify indicator species which have the ability to sense the impact of environmental change. With this information, monitoring can be initiated, and results integrated into proposed recommendation for conservation action plans.

The team on the ground will conduct the inventory of some poorly-known taxonomic groups, focusing on herpetofauna, lepidoptera, and ground herbs, and may even discover new endemic species. Collected data from this pilot survey may be used as preliminary data for long term climate studies. 

Bawean biodiversity project

Project team

Key Facts

Only around 100 Sumatran rhinos remain
They are one of the most threatened mammal species on Earth
Threats include poaching, habitat disturbance and fragmentation and increasingly invasive plant species impacts on native forest habitats

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