Becky Titchard

Conservation Scholar

BSc Zoology – Bangor University, UK, 2014
MRes Advanced Biological Sciences – University of Liverpool, UK, 2017

I am a Masters of Research student currently studying at the University of Liverpool. I graduated with a BSc in Zoology from Bangor University in 2014 and proceeded to work in Chester Zoo’s endocrinology lab for two years.

My project focuses on scent communication in the eastern black rhinos. The aim of the project is to investigate the roles of scent communication in rhino social and reproductive interactions, using both behavioural and molecular techniques. The outcomes of the study will contribute to conservation efforts protecting these amazing animals.

Project partners

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Professor Jane Hurst (Mammalian Behaviour & Evolution, University of Liverpool)

Dr Lisa Holmes (Chester Zoo)

Dr Sue Walker (Chester Zoo)

Projects I'm involved in

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