Marina Bonde de Queiroz

Conservation Scholar

BSc Biological Sciences, PUC Minas, Brazil, 2008
MSc Vertebrates Zoology, PUC Minas, Brazil, 2011
PhD Bioacoustics, University of Salford, UK, ongoing 

My name is Marina Bonde de Queiroz, I’m Brazilian and I’m a PhD student from the University of Salford. My PhD is funded by CAPES, a foundation of the Brazilian government.

My research is in the bioacoustics field. I aim to analyse the effect of sound pollution on zoo animals’ welfare and behaviour (especially mammals) and how this noise can influence the experience of zoo visitors at this venue. My background is in Biology and I have experience in animal behaviour.

Project partners

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Professor Bill Davies (School of Computing, Science & Engineering, University of Salford)

Dr Leah Williams (Chester Zoo)

Professor Robert Young (School of Environment & Life Sciences, University of Salford)

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