Explore the amazing tropical environments of six South East Asian islands on your own unique wildlife expedition.

It’s nearly time to set out on your wildlife expedition. Make your final preparations before you leave on your adventure to explore six South East Asian islands and become real life conservationists.

Discover the island habitats of Panay, Papua, Bali, Sumatra, Sumba and Sulawesi and find some of the world’s most magnificent wildlife – including carnivorous plants, prehistoric-looking birds and the impressive Sunda gharial.

You’ll feel like a group of intrepid explorers learning real life conservation skills.

Watch out for tigers as you make your way through the bamboo forest, observe the macaques on Sulawesi and record the many different birds found in the Monsoon Forest. Cross the Dragon Bridge between Papua and Bali, and then take the Lazy River Boat Trip from Sumba.

Explore these pages before you head out on your own adventure and read updates from Katie, a budding wildlife conservationist, who shares her Islands adventure with us. 

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