Nepenthes, also known as a tropical pitcher plant or monkey cup, can be found across South East Asia and have a special diet for a plant…they’re flesh eaters!

People used to think that they only ate insects, but if you were to look inside a plant in the wild you might see a frog, rodent or lizard!

We’re home to one of the largest collections of carnivorous plants ever seen in the UK, with over 2000 plants. Many of the 160 known species of Nepenthes known to science are already on the very edge of extinction. That’s why our horticultural team is committed to protecting the future of these incredible and varied species.

We have around 130 species at the zoo and the skills and expertise of our staff is vital in ensuring these incredible plants thrive. They’re kept in special conditions to replicate the hot and humid environment of the rainforests of South East Asia – where temperatures can exceed 40°C.

When exploring Chester Zoo, keep an eye out for these plants which can be found in the Monsoon Forest and Plant Paradise. Our nepenthes are among one of the best collections of carnivorous plants you’ll find anywhere in the UK.

Chester Zoo horticulturist, Paul Leach, tells us more about this incredible species of plant here and having the important job of looking after them.

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