30 Aug 2015

After reading our previous blog you should have an idea of what OC/OVAG (Orangtuan Conservancy – Orangutan Veterinary Advisory Group) is and the main aim of the project.

As we mentioned, two vets from Indonesia – Winny and Siska – are currently on a three month placement here in the UK. They will be spending time here at Chester Zoo, meeting with different members of staff across the organisation to improve their skills and knowledge.

Through OC/OVAG Winny and Siska are able to improve on their skills in various aspects of wildlife and orangutan health which they can then take back with them and apply to their day to day jobs.

They will be keeping us updated on what they get up to during their time here, which we will obviously share with you too.

Siska has been working with the orangutans in Indonesia for around seven years, gaining most of her experience from working at a rescue and rehabilitation centre. The centre she is currently working at – based in central Kalimantan – is run by the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOSF). The main aim of the centre is to rescue and rehabilitate displaced orangutans and prepare them for a healthy life back in the wild.

Siska, one of two Indonesian vets visiting Chester Zoo
Siska exploring Islands at Chester Zoo, with OVAG mascot Gavo. Photo credit: Siska Sulistyo

When Siska first started working there, back in 2007, the centre held around 700 individual orangutans. Today they have around 491.

Here she tells us more about the work she does and her role at the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation:

Tomorrow we will share another blog with you, this time from Winny – who has provided us with an overview of the veterinary work she’s doing in Sumatra.