31 Jan 2017

Nigel is a challenge champion!

Nigel is running 100 miles to raise funds for our research into a virus called EEHV that strikes both elephants in the wild and in zoos.

When Nigel Wood heard about a terrible virus that affects elephants, he wanted to take direct action and fundraise to support our research to find a vaccine.

Nigel felt compelled to do what he could to combat Elephant Endotheliotropic Herpesvirus (EEHV) – a disease that affects elephants globally.  After first completing a 44km trail run and raising over £1,000 to fight EEHV, Nigel is now getting ready to run an incredible 100 miles!

Cheshire-based Nigel has been training on the Sandstone Ridge which is ideal terrain for what lies ahead.  Of his forthcoming challenge he said: “Kate and I have seen the devastating effects of the virus so wanted to do our bit to make a difference.  The Addo Elephant Run is a legendary South African event.  I know it’s going to be super tough in the searing heat but the National Park is so beautiful, it really is a unique and special place to run through. Training is going well and with not long to go, I feel I’m ready to take on this mammoth task.”

Chester Zoo’s fundraising coordinator Hannah Taylor said: “We are always in awe of people who go to extreme lengths in support of our vital work.  What Nigel is taking on is a gruelling challenge in very difficult conditions.  We wish Nigel the best of luck and hope that others will be inspired to help combat this terrible elephant disease.”