11 Aug 2015

On the eve of World Elephant Day (12th August) below is an update from Kylie Butler, a PhD student and one of the field scientists behind this project. Here is her latest update from the field and it is fascinating! (Read her first blog here.)

Asian elephant walking through long grass in Sri Lanka

Elephant in Sri Lanka. Photo credit: Kylie Butler

Close up of bee hive

Bee hive used to deter elephants. Photo credit: Kylie Butler

Electric fences in Sri Lanka to help deter elephants

Electric fences, similar to those used in Assam. Photo credit: Kylie Butler

Homes are being raided

Most devastating of all, the house of one young couple with a small baby was almost completely destroyed after elephants raided their property twice in one week. Unfortunately, this type of event is not an isolated occurrence, and emphasises strongly why it is so vital to help farmers devise means of protecting their homes and crops.

“Let’s hope the beehive fences, full of our little guardians of nature, can also become the guardians these farmers need to keep their families and livelihoods safer at nights.”

I am Kylie Butler and I Act for Wildlife

Houses destroyed by elephants in Sri Lanka

Tomorrow we will share another ‘elephant update’ with you, here on our blog, which will include the latest news from our Assam Haathi Project as well as what activities we’ve got taking place at Chester Zoo to celebrate World Elephant Day.