IUCN Red List status:

Near Threatened

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They may be the world’s second smallest deer, but these mini mammals are most memorable. Standing at just 38cm tall, their small body size helps them manoeuver easily through the dense rainforest vegetation. Short, strong legs also make trail paths through their habitat.

Their reddish-brown coats help them camouflage in the undergrowth and their small antlers grow to around 10cm and are shed every year. Active during both day and night, they usually rest and groom in the middle of the day. They are mostly solitary but can be found in small groups of up to 3 individuals. Pudus are wary, territorial animals marking their territory using scent glands.

Pudu numbers have declined partly due to their habitat being destroyed and cleared for cattle ranching and other human developments, as well as persecution and hunting dogs.


A fully grown pudu weighs up to 33lbs
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