IUCN Red List status:

Least Concern

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The longest snakes in the world, reticulated pythons are famous for the way they eat rather than what they eat.

Because of their size they are slower moving than a lot of other snakes but still have the ability to
move quickly when necessary.

Their skin markings provide superb camouflage amongst the foliage on the ground, giving them a
great hunting advantage despite not having any venom.

Female reticulated pythons are capable of laying between 60 and 100 eggs at a time, which take
between 70-90 days to hatch.

Did you know?
10 metres
The reticulated python is the LONGEST species of snake in the world growing up to 10 metres long!

The LARGE size and distinctive scale pattern of reticulated pythons has resulted in them being heavily exploited for skin to make popular leather products such as belts, wallets and boots.

Habitat loss is another significant threat for this snake. Through our conservation projects in South East Asia, we work to restore the forest habitats of Borneo, not only helping to protect the future of orangutans, but of all species living in them, including the reticulated python.

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