IUCN Red List status:

Least Concern

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Sengis might look like a shrew but, they are in fact distantly related to manatees, AARDVARKS, hyraxes and elephants.

The tiny creatures are not thought to be directly linked to their shrew cousins in other parts of the world and  are more closely related to elephants. They are solitary animals, and will only come together in the wild to mate.

Their tiny flexible nose is extra sensitive so they can sniff out food, and their long tongue flicks out so they can catch insects! Their legs are long compared to their body size, which helps them when they need a quick escape from predators!

There are nineteen different species of sengi, which are very poorly known in the wild and only as recently as last year a new species was discovered in Namibia.

There are 19 different species of sengi!
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