IUCN Red List status:

Critically Endangered

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Sifakas are large lemurs with a very distinct look. Their faces are black and furless offset by their thin layers of fur which are white with maroon patches.

The Coquerel’s sifaka are known best for their distinct and unique way of getting around. They live in treetops with their long tails being perfect to balance in trees. To move between trees, they will leap huge distances, sometimes up to 30ft! When they’re on the ground they move around with a distinct sideways hop on their hind legs while using their front legs to aid their balance which has attracted them the nickname of dancing lemurs! When they’re not bouncing around the place sifakas can often be found sunbathing with their legs outstretched.

Sifakas communicate by voice with leaders of the pack barking when intruders are nearby to let their fellow sifakas know. They’re known to be noisy creatures and their loud calls are used to scare away intruders. Alongside this they also communicate by marking their scent – they will do this to mark territory, claim food and attract a mate. Females will use their scent to attract a mate, while the males use scent to communicate with each other.

Sifakas are 42 - 45cm in length
They can jump distances of over 30 feet!
They are known to live in groups of 2 – 8
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