Dr Andy Moss

Lead Conservation Scientist - Social Science

  • Qualifications BSc MSc PhD
  • Focus area
    People Policy
  • Location
    At the Zoo

My academic background is firmly within the biological sciences, but my work at Chester Zoo has led me to embrace research within the social sciences. This ultimately stems from my overarching belief that biodiversity conservation is a problem best solved by the increased understanding of social phenomena. Within this, I am obviously interested in the role that zoos have to play in conservation.

Can they be educational? Can they connect people with nature? If they can, how do we harness this for global conservation? I make use of traditional quantitative and qualitative research methods such as surveys and structured observations, but I am also fascinated to see if the analysis of ‘Big Data’ can yield useful insights to help us protect the world’s biodiversity.

I’ve worked with the University of Warwick (Department of Sociology); University of Sheffield (Department of Psychology); University of Leeds (Department of Philosophy).

Key publications

Consorte-McCrea, A., Fernandez, A., Bainbridge, A., Moss, A., Prévot, A.-C., Clayton, S., Glikman, J. A., Johansson, M., López-Bao, J. V., Bath, A., Frank, B., & Marchini, S. (2019). Large carnivores and zoos as catalysts for engaging the public in the protection of biodiversity. Nature Conservation, 37, 133–150. https://doi.org/10.3897/natureconservation.37.39501

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