Ben Evans

Science & Conservation Communications Officer

  • Qualifications BSc MSc
  • Focus area
  • Location
    At the Zoo

A fascination for wildlife and the natural world originally led me towards a career in Biology. I attained a BSc in Zoology at the University of Sheffield before moving to the University of Bristol to complete an MSc by Research. At Bristol I investigated the transmission of gastrointestinal parasites in the saiga antelope/livestock steppe ecosystem of central Asia – a climate change hotspot and habitat for one of the most threatened antelope species on Earth.

During this research I began to work with the conservation NGO Frankfurt Zoological Society. As an intern and contractor as part of their communications team I discovered a deep passion for communicating science and conservation, which would ultimately lead me to my role here at Chester Zoo which began in 2019. 

These days I am busy ensuring that the crucial research and conservation efforts that our teams carry out both at home and abroad are made accessible to all. I produce and disseminate stories through multimedia and events regarding our numerous projects, the unfortunate global factors that make them necessary, and the brighter future that we are helping to create for species around the planet. 

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