Corinne Bailey

Programme Officer - IUCN Asian Wild Cattle Specialist Group

  • Qualifications BA MSc
  • Focus area
  • Location
    At the Zoo South East Asia

I graduated with an MSc in Zoo Conservation Biology at Manchester Metropolitan University. Since then, I have worked in conservation research projects around the world, including wetland bird and habitat surveys in Tanzania, working in a RSPCA wildlife rescue centre here in the UK and mountain gorilla behavioural research in Uganda. As part of my role in 2018 as Programmes Coordinator for the Indonesian NGO Selamatkan Yaki (save the Sulawesi crested black macaque) I coordinated research and developed a strategy to tackle the illegal bushmeat trade, which is a major threat to endemic biodiversity in the region.  

In 2020, I joined Chester Zoo as Programme Officer (Consultant) for the IUCN SSC Asian Wild Cattle Specialist Group, having previously worked with Chester Zoo’s interpretation team and with the field programmes team in Uganda. A major focus of my work as Programme Officer is the coordination of the Action Indonesia Global Species Management Plans for anoa, banteng and babirusa. I also help to coordinate conservation activities with tamaraw in the Philippines, as well as monitor activities on the other Asian wild cattle and buffalo species (gaur, kouprey, saola, wild water buffalo and wild yak).

As well as Chester Zoo, my position is also supported by the Center for Conservation of Tropical Ungulates, Global Wildlife Conservation and San Diego Zoo Global.