Dr Leah Williams

Lead Conservation Scientist - Population Biology

  • Qualifications BSc MRes PhD
  • Focus area
  • Location
    At the Zoo
  • Additional Information Member of the BIAZA Research Committee

I am a conservation scientist with a broad range of interests and I lead on the population-level research Chester Zoo is involved in, working across both in-situ and ex-situ projects. The projects I am involved in currently include designing effective post-release monitoring methods of Bermuda skinks and Bermuda snails, using bioacoustics to monitor populations and behaviour, and reproduction and management of Southern cassowary across EAZA Zoos.

My background is in ornithology focusing on behavioural ecology and conservation. My previous work at Chester Zoo focused on animal behaviour and welfare, primarily of birds, lower vertebrates and invertebrates.  Prior to working at Chester Zoo, I was a Conservation Scientist at RSPB working on seabirds. My PhD research focused on personality traits and social behaviour of Gouldian finches at Liverpool John Moores University. My past research projects include the impact of blood parasites on the immune response in yellowhammers, and the influence of selective logging on understory forest birds in Malaysian Borneo as part of my Master of Research at the University of Leeds.

I supervise a number of students at undergraduate, Masters and PhD level who are undertaking research in collaboration with Chester Zoo with a focus on population biology. I also deliver lectures and training for a number of universities and industry bodies.

Key publications

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