Dr Simon Dowell

Science Director

  • Qualifications B.Sc. (Hons), DPhil
  • Focus area
    People Places Policy Populations
  • Location
    At the Zoo South Asia

I joined the staff of Chester Zoo as Science Director in 2016 after previously being a Trustee from 2009 to 2015. As Science Director I am responsible for developing and delivering our strategy for science, research and education to ensure that we fulfill our mission of preventing extinction.

After completing my DPhil at the University of Oxford, I worked as a research biologist at the Game Conservancy Trust where I co-founded and chaired the IUCN Species Specialist Group on Partridges, Quails and Francolins. I then went on to an academic career for a number of years, including teaching and research in conservation ecology.

My previous roles include Director of the School of Biological and Earth Sciences at Liverpool John Moores University and also Associate Dean (Strategy & Development) for the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences at Oxford Brookes University.

My work on threatened endemic birds in China is a major part of Chester Zoo’s Sichuan Forest Biodiversity Project which I have co-ordinated for a number of years and for which I was previously awarded the zoo’s Honorary Conservation Fellowship.

I also take a keen interest in local conservation and was a Council Member and Chair of the Conservation Committee for the Cheshire Wildlife Trust from 2004 to 2008.

I am driven by a passion for wildlife and its conservation and by the firm belief in the transformative power of education in people’s lives at any age.

Key publications

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Dowell, S.D. 1992. Problems and Pitfalls of Gamebird Reintroduction and Restocking: An overview. Gibier Faune Sauvage9: 773-780.

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I am driven by a passion for wildlife and its conservation and by the firm belief in the transformative power of education in people’s lives at any age.

Dr. Simon Dowell