Frederick Howat

Exhibitions & Interpretation Manager

  • Qualifications BA, MA
  • Focus area
  • Location
    At the Zoo

I graduated with a BA in History in 2010, and completed my Master’s degree in Museum Studies in 2015. This was centred around understanding how the heritage sector can give meaning to and be a force for positive change in people’s lives. And it focused on connecting audiences with diverse collections through exhibitions and narrative, bringing relevance to current topics through carefully considered and curated interventions.

After graduating, I joined the zoo in summer 2014 as an intern, conducting research into visitor environments and species engagement, putting to use my understanding of how well-designed spaces can improve the experience of audiences.

After completing my internship, I re-joined the zoo in December 2014 as Islands Interpretation Officer, where I helped plan and deliver the interpretation across the site. Since then, I’ve worked on a huge variety of different projects, working my way to Exhibitions and Interpretation Manager in 2020 where I’m currently responsible for the day-to-day and annual planning of our work across the zoo. Some of the projects I’ve worked on over the last few years include the re-branding of all core-zoo exhibition material, the development of the Nature Reserve and major strategic development builds such as the Madagascar Lemur Walkthrough and new Lions habitat, along with the Monsoon Forest fire rebuild.

Further afield I’ve also been involved with the Gashaka-Gumti National Park project in Nigeria. Visiting twice in 2016, I developed and installed the interpretation for an educational centre on the edge of the park which serves local school and community groups, providing a space to learn about local biodiversity and help protect the important wildlife hotspot.

In addition to this, I support various projects around the zoo including Wildlife Connections, Play! and the Sustainable Palm Oil Challenge, as well as attend and speak at conferences, deliver specific training to various teams and input into the overall mission of the organisation.