Mark Vercoe

Deputy Curator of Birds

  • Qualifications BSc
  • Focus area
  • Location
    At the Zoo South East Asia
  • Additional Information EEP Coordinator for Grosbeak Starling
    IUCN Hornbill Specialist Group Member
    BIAZA Bird Working Group Committee Member

I began my career as a conservationist at the Rode Bird Gardens, eventually moving onto Cotswold Wildlife ParkĀ  after completing a BSc in Animal Science and Management at the Royal Agricultural College in Gloucestershire. At both of these collections I build my knowledge and expertise in aviculture.

Following these positions, I moved onto RSPB Cymru working with Farmers, Gamekeepers, land managers and land owners to initiate wildlife friendly land management that integrated into active business models and ecosystem service provision.

My career at Chester Zoo started with the position as Team Manager on the Bird and Parrot & Penguin sections before moving onto the Deputy Curator of Birds position.