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Making a hedgehog monorail

How to link hedgehog habitats

Gardens can be great habitats for hedgehogs but they also like to travel and may move up to 1 mile in 1 night! Fences and walls can therefore become problematic barriers to them.

You can easily help by leaving hedgehog sized gaps in fences or doors; these gaps should be 13cm x 13cm.

If you are changing fences or walls then be sure to check with your neighbours first!

  • If you have a fence, cut a hole in it.
  • If you have a wall, take out 1 brick from the bottom.
  • If installing a garden gate, make sure it has a hedgehog gap between the bottom and the floor.
  • Swap your current barrier for a hedge – hedgehogs & lots of other animals love them!
  • If these things aren’t possible you could always dig a tunnel underneath any barriers around your garden.

What to do next

When you've created your hedgehog monorail it's really important to us that you let us know using this form (you can upload a photo too).

Record your action

By keeping track of where amazing people like you are creating wildlife friendly spaces we can see the impact we're having.

And don't forget to keep recording the wildlife you see in your local area here: www.chesterzoo.org/record


Hedgehog Street - Linking your garden