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Making your garden a hedgehog haven

In the UK our hedgehogs aren't doing too well, anything you can do to make a good habitat for them will be very helpful!

Some ideas include...

  • Creating a safe haven for hedgehogs- keep a patch of your garden wildlife friendly and a little bit untidy and allow some hedgehog hiding places.
  • Hedgehogs are well named – they like hedges. Keep or Plant hedges and this will make a great hedgehog habitat.
  • Buy or make a hedgehog home (there's a great guide on the RSPB website here)
  • Put out a shallow dish of water so that hedgehogs and other animals can get a drink.
  • Hedgehogs really like eating worms, beetles, slugs and snails. To make sure you've got plenty of bugs in your garden, leave leaf litter and log piles in a corner of your garden. You could make insect houses, start a compost heap and plant insect friendly flowers to encourage lots of hedgehog bugs.

What to do next

Now that your garden is a hedgehog haven it's really important to us that you let us know using this form (you can upload a photo too).

Record your action

By keeping track of where amazing people like you are creating wildlife friendly spaces we can see the impact we're having.

And don't forget to keep recording the wildlife you see in your local area here: www.chesterzoo.org/record


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