Our ground-breaking science informs our practical conservation work both in the zoo and in over 20 countries across the globe where we work alongside our in-country partners to prevent extinction on the ground. We have a team of dedicated conservation and social scientists working in our labs, across the zoo with our animals and plants, and alongside our vets. They also work out in the field in different settings to find workable solutions to real world conservation dilemmas.

Many of our staff are also involved in training the next generation of conservationists through our Conservation Training Academy, and we also work on influencing external policy where it affects zoos, wildlife and habitats.

“Working in the Science Department at Chester Zoo offers a unique opportunity to conduct high quality scientific research that has real world application. Seeing that my work has an impact on species conservation at Chester Zoo, and across the globe, is incredibly rewarding. Collaborating on a diverse range of projects with many specialist staff across the zoo and beyond is a real highlight of working here.” Dr Leah Williams, Lead Conservation Scientist: Population Biology

Areas we cover:

  • Species assessment, monitoring, planning and recovery
  • Habitat restoration projects in Africa, Mainland Asia, SE Asian Islands, Madagascar & Mascarenes, Latin America and in the UK & Europe
  • Scientific projects in the following disciplines: Conservation Physiology, Population Biology, Animal Behaviour & Welfare, Conservation Social Science
  • Conservation training
  • Supervision of PhDs and Postdocs (Scholars and Fellows programme)
  • Conservation policy advice and advocacy
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