Date and time

Thursday 29 June 2023
9.30am - 5pm


£85 per person


Chester Zoo


Our teams use an array of innovative technology to monitor species both in the zoo and out in the field.

You’ll be taught by specialists from our Science and Field Programmes Team with opportunities to get advice on your future projects and technology linked research.

We’ll introduce you to the following areas we use to support our mission of preventing extinction inclduing:

  • Camera trapping and use of AI technology
  • Passive Acoustic Monitoring Technology and Software
  • Animal behaviour related tablet/phone apps
  • DVR/CCTV use for monitoring species
  • Tagging and Radio-frequency identification uses (RFID)
  • Thermal imaging projects

This introduction involves using, trialing and researching! We’ll also look at Chester Zoo case studies and species examples to provide you with real life examples to help support your learning.