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Saturday 25 May - Sunday 8 September


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Dragons in Danger Garden

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Step back in time to meet the most fearsome creatures of the prehistoric world, where sharks had SIX rows of teeth, scorpions were BIGGER than humans, and GIANT snakes would eat crocodiles for breakfast!

Discover 13 GIANT and FEARSOME animatronic creatures only at Chester Zoo! You won’t believe your eyes!  PREDATORS – a world first, only at Chester Zoo from Saturday 25 May!

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Stop by our PREDASTORE and become a Junior Palaeontologist by taking part in your own fossil dig and find your own fossil souvenir – there’s plenty to discover, including dinosaur bones and Mosasaur teeth!

If you visit the store on Sunday 18 August you’ll meet Palaeontologist, Neil Morris – the man who finds the fossils – who will be providing exclusive information about the incredible fossils!  He may he autograph it for you.  For £5 you’ll receive a badge and certificate for finding FIVE fossils!

Discover… Predators

Time: Drop-in 10.30am-11.30am AND 3.30pm-4.30pm

Location: Inside Predators exhibition

Did you know… that smilodon could open their jaws up to a 120 degree angle?

Your chance to explore some of the most impressive predator adaptations ever, get hands-on with a variety of skulls and claws from living and extinct predators.

Predator Stories

Time: 12.00pm-12.30pm

Location: Madagascar Base camp

Did you know… that tyrannosaurus had a bite force twice as strong as any living predator?

Join us for story-time to hear about the baby tyrannosaurus trying to find their family, perfect for all your little predators.

Predator problems

Time: 2.00pm

Location: Madagascar Base camp

Did you know… that due to their immense size, megalodon needed to eat around 1000kg of food every day!

Do you have what it takes to save modern predators? Come along to practice your conservationist skills and discover how we prevent extinction in this interactive show.


On Wednesday 14 August we will be holding our first quiet session at Predators between 10am – 12pm.  The exhibit will be open to all visitors but all of the sound effects and movement will be turned off. We will also have some additional sensory elements to the exhibit.

Events run everyday from Monday 22 July – Sunday 1 September, unless stated otherwise. 

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