Experience our all-new interactive HALLOWEEN TRAIL at Chester Zoo this October.

Luna the witch needs YOUR help on a quest to find her lost spell, carefully crafted with the most powerful POISIONS and VENOMS from the world of nature.

Go on a mysterious adventure around our INDOOR animal habitats around the zoo to discover six amazing species. Use the magic of AUGMENTED REALITY on your phone or tablet to reveal their secrets!

FREE with zoo entry.


Once you’ve unlocked the spell-binding mysteries of each of these species, you’ll uncover the magic word and be rewarded with a Halloween treat!

Use augmented reality to discover six POWERFUL poisonous and venomous species! At each animal habitat, simply scan the animal shape using your mobile phone or tablet, to collect a letter. SPELL out the mystery word and collect your Halloween treat from the shop at the entrance of the zoo.

Start your day in a truly UNIQUE way, before we open to the public with an exclusive Halloween themed tour of our 128 acre zoo on our special tour bus! Discover amazing species and learn how they use their venoms and poisons for good!


Luna has chosen these SIX amazing animals because each have UNIQUE POWERS that make them special. From toxins far too dangerous for you, to a jelly fish that shoots harpoon filled goo.

Discover more about the animals in our Halloween trail

Komodo dragon

These HUGE venomous lizards are the largest on the planet. They’re also one of the oldest too!


Golden poison dart frog

Did you know that these frogs don’t produce toxins themselves? They actually get their poisonous-power from an insect! But which one?


White-lipped island pit viper

Also known as a blue viper, this snake gets its nickname from its brightly coloured scales.


Bird-eating tarantula

Have you got the nerve to visit our Brazilian salmon pink bird-eating tarantula, one of the biggest spiders in the world?!


Upside-down jellyfish

Why do these jellyfish sit upside down? Are they dangerous to humans?


Gaboon viper

BEWARE! Their excellent camouflage skin allows them to lie in wait ready to strike at any small creatures who pass!


Start your magical Halloween adventure today!
We look forward to seeing you this October.

Is there an extra cost to take part in this Halloween Trail?

No, this event is FREE with zoo admission.

Members can also enjoy the trail for free as part of their membership.

What dates are available?

We’re excited to announce that our Halloween event, Luna’s Lost Spell, is available for the whole of October*!

*(1 to 31 October 2022, normal zoo admission applies)

What are the opening and closing times for this event?

Visitors are welcome to complete the trail any time during the zoo’s opening and closing times.

Please see our opening times page for further details.

Do I have to book a time slot?

No, you can complete the Halloween trail at any time during your visit to the zoo.