6 Aug 2014

My name is Julie Plumb and my husband and I are members of the Zoo. Aged five my family moved to Upton and the Zoo was a constant in our lives.My two sisters both worked as waitresses at the Zoo for holiday jobs and can remember in the Oakfield restaurant, serving George Mottershead, towards the end of his life. Their names were Anne and Stephanie Fry.My father William Victor Fry was a marine pilot on the ship canal. When he retired he wanted to support his local community and one of the many voluntary tasks he undertook was to be a FED, helping the education department. He loved children and enjoyed for several years giving a day of his time each week to walking around the zoo and talking to children about the animals and their habitats. A public speaker who often gave talks on the canal, he had just the right skills for fulfilling this role.As a member I have continued our family connection to the zoo and have had many presents bought for me over the last few years connected to the zoo. I have fed toucans live locusts; fed baby penguins; been in the meerkat enclosure; fed the lemurs and culminated these experiences several weeks ago by working with the rhinos and tapirs. The tapirs are one of my favourite animals and I enjoyed the day so much I have included some pictures of myself.