3 Jan 2013

Keepers have called the youngster Eve in honour of the fact she was born on Christmas Eve-Eve after they were finally able to discover her gender.

Baby giant anteaters cling to their mothers’ backs for the first several months of their lives – making it near-impossible for keepers to get a good look at whether they have a male or female.

However, as they grow up, they gain more confidence and become ready to occasionally walk, explore and find food of their own. And it was during one independent adventure away from mum Bliss that our team grabbed the opportunity to check the sex, confirming she’s a girl.

Giant anteaters are classed as ‘vulnerable’ to extinction by conservationists and so it is hoped Eve will go on to play a key part in the international breeding programme for the species.

Visitors can still sometimes spot Eve clinging on to the back of Bliss in their exhibit.