12 March 2021

Look who’s dropped in! Conservationists are celebrating the birth of a rare Rothschild’s giraffe at the zoo.

04 December 2020

One of the world’s smallest species of monkey has been born at Chester Zoo.

13 November 2020

Keepers are celebrating the birth of a rare baby rhino!

23 October 2020
29 September 2020

We’ve brewed, balanced and bottled a delicious new gin, to give our visitors a memorable taste of Chester Zoo!

24 March 2020

The delightful duo arrived to seven year old mum Fiona following 135-day-long pregnancy and have been clinging tightly to her ever since.

27 February 2020

The healthy, female calf, arrived to 15-year-old mum Sundara Hi Way following a 22-month gestation, with the birth caught on our CCTV cameras.

19 February 2020

Hidden cameras have captured remarkable footage showing the hatching of two rare hornbill chicks.

12 February 2020

Our hugely popular TV series, which gives viewers a glimpse at the private lives of  some of the world’s most endangered animals, returns for a ninth series this week!


30 January 2020

Three TINY chameleons have hatched at Chester Zoo… and each one is barely bigger than a pencil tip!