31 May 2017

We welcomed the first lot of adventurers to our new play space over the weekend. The area was inspired by the important region of Madagascar and the conservation work we’re doing to save wildlife there

Climb to the top of the baobab tree and slide all the way down

Join other explorers as they discover ways across the spider web

Make a BIG splash in the dry river bed 

Not only is play important for your well-being, it’s a really important way for people to learn through having fun and discovering things for themselves. Discover the science behind play and why it’s important, here.

If you want to brush up on your explorer skills, our zoo rangers will be running a Forest Expedition workshop in the Madagascar basecamp as well as a whooooooooole host of other events and activities. Discover more PLAY! dates here.

With water, sand and slides – what are you waiting for? 

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