5 Nov 2010

Born at the zoo in the early hours of Monday (Nov 1) to 12 year old mum Aoife, the unnamed female is the first pure Rothschild giraffe to be born at the zoo. Video of baby giraffe.

At five and a half feet tall she has a way to go before she reaches her mum’s height ‰ÛÒ an impressive 15 feet. The calf is the fifth for dad Thorn, nine.

Belinda Porter, Team Leader for the giraffe section, said: ‰ÛÏBoth mum and baby are doing very well and it is delightful to see the pair of them making the most of the winter sunshine.‰Û

Keepers are also looking for help in naming the calf and have suggested thisåÊshortlist ofåÊ their favourite names for the public to choose from.

åÊ- Anaka

– AishaåÊ ‰Û÷life’ in Swahili

– ZafiåÊ ‰Û÷pure’ in Swahili

– Tula

– Yala (river)

The vote to choose one of the above names vote is now closed and we will announce the name chosed soon – thank you for helping to name the giraffe baby.

Giraffe web camåÊ