9 Jan 2012

The birth of a pair of babirusa piglets is being hailed as “positive news for the future of the species” – with wild populations in serious decline in their native Indonesia.

Their arrivals are also an important achievement for us as they are thought to be the only babirusa born in Europe in over a year.

Our Curator of Mammals, Tim Rowlands, said:

“Babirusa pigs are highly threatened and are said to be the rarest pig species in the world. That’s why these births are so important and are such a great achievement. 

“Zoos provide the last insurance policy against extinction and we hope the duo will grow up to become a vital part of the international breeding programme to safeguard the species.

“This is certainly exciting and positive news for the future of the species.”

The two piglets were born eleven weeks ago to mum Majene and dad Sausu.