10 Jun 2016
Jaya and Topan

In the summer we bid a fond farewell to Sumatran tiger brothers Topan and Jaya.  Topan was moved to Parc Zoo du Reynou in France in June and his brother, Jaya, was moved to Manor House in South Wales five weeks later in July, as recommended by the European endangered species breeding programme. Topan and Jaya were both born in January 2015 along with their sister Kasarna. The pair have settled in really well in their new homes, where they have joined female tigers and, in time, we hope that they will go on to sire cubs of their own.

Sumatran tigers are one of the rarest big cat species in the world and only a few hundred are now estimated to remain in the wild. Carefully co-ordinated breeding programmes are incredibly important to ensuring their future survival and we wish Topan and Jaya well in their new homes.

Our two other Sumatran tigers, Kirana and daughter Kasarna remain with us in our new Islands habitat.