19 Oct 2020

Ferrero UK helping us to create a sustainable future, one city at a time.

Back in March 2019 we were delighted to name Chester the very first sustainable palm oil city in the world following a long campaign, led by Chester Zoo, to transform the buying habits of the restaurants and other food service providers across the city.

52 champions signed up and other towns and cities joined us to replicate the project in their own areas with the aim to reduce the environmental impact that the production of palm oil has on forests and the wildlife living there. 

Despite the challenges that the food service industry is facing at the moment, this month our plans for a sustainable palm oil future have been given a huge boost.  Ferrero UK have pledged support enabling us to offer even more help to our champions and our partner cities and towns to achieve sustainable palm oil city status.

The sustainable palm oil city project has been a flagship example of the kind of conservation impact that we can achieve when whole communities come together to make a change and its a project that is very close to our hearts.  During these difficult financial times we had feared that all of the hard work might be lost, as we and our sustainable palm oil champions fight for survival.

Julie Platt, Fundraising Manager


Jenny added: “The incredible support from Ferrero UK, an organisation with a shared commitment to sustainable palm oil, means that we can move forward with our plans and redouble our efforts to get the project back on track and bring even more towns and cities onboard.”

Our partnership with Ferrero UK also includes support for our ongoing schools programme, which aims to arm teachers and the students with the facts relating to real conservation issues and to empower them to bring about change that will benefit wildlife.  

We have been impressed by Chester Zoo’s sustainable palm oil city project and in the innovative education work that they deliver in schools and via their free resources online.  Some of our most loved products like Nutella, contain 100% sustainable palm oil. It’s something that we are really proud of and we’ve been working behind the scenes to encourage others to use sustainable oil in their products and to talk about the benefits to wildlife of doing that. The opportunity to support Chester Zoo with their sustainable palm oil city and education projects felt like the perfect fit for us.

Charlie Cayton, Director of Communications and Corporate Affairs at Ferrero UK

Find out more about our free online resources for schools on sustainable palm oil,  here.


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