27 Apr 2020

Rainforests are AMAZING. These incredible places cover only 6% of the Earth’s surface but they contain more than 1/2 of the world’s plant and animal species! Not only that but they can be great inspiration for learning across a whole range of subjects. 

Our online learning resource platform contains more than 60 different resources to inspire learning about rainforests and rainforest species.  Follow our step by step guide below to get the most out of them. By making the research more or less detailed rainforest activities can be adapted for different ages, but most of these resources are best suited to learners aged 7–11 years.  


Rainforests are fascinating and there is so much to find out. Start by getting your learners to write down what they already know about rainforests and encourage them to do some research to see what else they can find out. 

To help, we have a collection of videos with our zoo conservationists talking about different aspects of the rainforest and their work in it.

Take a look at our: Collection of rainforest videos 

One of our most popular video resources is this one showing the different layers of the rainforest.

 Watch our: What are the different layers of the rainforest? [VIDEO]

We have a rainforests word search and glossary to familiarise yourself with some words relating to rainforests.

Try our: Rainforests Word Search & Glossary

Use our rainforest worksheet and Chester Zoo writing sheet to record what you’ve learnt.

Download our:  Chester Zoo Writing Sheet

Download our: Introduction to Rainforests worksheet 



There are lots of fantastic animals and plants in the rainforest. Over 30 of our animal fact files are perfect for finding out more about rainforest animals or you could watch our keepers telling you more about some of the animals we work with at the zoo.

To get you started, we have an animal fact file collection featuring a selection of rainforest animals.

Download our: Rainforest Animal Fact File Collection

Some rainforest species have featured in our Virtual Zoo Day videos.  This activity includes a link to create your own fact file for our amazing Sumatran Tiger.

Download our Virtual Zoo Day – Sumatran Tiger Resource

We have a blank fact file template if you’d like to make a fact file about another rainforest species.

Download our: Animal Fact File Template

  • What other rainforest species could you make fact files for?  
  • How many of the rainforest species you found out about are endangered?  
  • What conservation threats are they facing?  
  • Which species do you find in the different rainforests around the world? 



Now you’ve done all of your research, it’s time to go an expedition. Meet our conservationists in the rainforest and see what clues you can pick up to help you pack your bags for your own rainforest expedition.

Download our Pack your bags for a Rainforest Expedition resource

Once your bags are packed, why not plan your own expedition itinerary.  Lots of conservationists also keep field journals to record what they see during their expeditions.

  • Which rainforests would you visit?
  • Which species would you hope to see there? 
  • Could you write your own expedition journal? 
  • Could you create your own expedition video?


Now you’ve learnt all about rainforests you can get creative in how you share your findings. We really enjoy using art to show what we know.

Our rainforest in a box resource will guide you through making your own beautiful rainforest. 

Download our resource: Rainforest in a box

You could:
  • Write more acrostic poems about the rainforest or the species you find there.  
  • Write a story about your rainforest expedition. 

We have got some great songs on our website about different conservation themes, but we don’t have one about rainforests.

  • Could you write a rainforest song?

For more ideas, try adapting some things from our Rainforest – Topic guide


Share your work with us on Twitter @LearnatCZ using #ToZooAtHome.

We’d love to see what you come up with!