12 Feb 2021

So, you’ve worked hard all half term?
Now it’s time to PLAY!

We think play is REALLY important at the zoo and we especially like to play animal related games.  We thought you might also like to try a few with your friends and family to understand more about animals and conservation but mainly just to have FUN!


Board games, active games, pulling funny faces games, storytelling games, we’ve got something for every one in the family! Take a look below for some inspiration this half term. 


Ever wondered what it’s like to have a SUPER SENSE? Nocturnal animals have at least one highly-developed sense. Special adaptations include big ears, large eyes, sensitive whiskers and keen noses. 

Our Super Senses Collection includes 3 games to test your own senses:

  • Sight – Eye Eye!
  • Hearing – Do you hear what I hear? 
  • Touch – Mystery Object Game 

Download our collection of games: Super Senses 

Nocturnal creatures come out at night, there’s so much activity after we’ve gone to bed.

Do you know which animals are nocturnal?

Test your knowledge with a game of:  Nocturnal Creatures Bingo!


Become one of our wonderful UK native species to see whether you can hop, climb, jump or walk from garden to garden to find food and shelter.

Some of these gardens will be brilliant habitats for you, but watch out, because some of these gardens are dangerous places for wildlife…our UK Native Species Threats games is great for all the family!

Download our game board, counters and instructions: UK Native Species Threats Game


Interested in how animals behave and communicate? We’ve got two games which might be perfect for you!

Get the whole family involved in our Meerkat Sentry Game, and learn about how the pack works together to protect themselves from predators.

Try our: Meerkat Sentry Game

Or become a member of our chimp family and try out a few funny faces whilst getting someone else to guess what you’re trying to communicate!

We give you permission to pull faces at each other with our: Chimp Facial Recognition Game



Anyone around here like a game, where you get to outbid your opponent with facts and figures? Well, we’ve got just the games for you! Two versions in fact, one for BIG CATS and another for LEMURS.

Top Cat Card Game

Top Lemur Card Game

If you like lemurs, spend some time Leaping like a Lemur here




(For older kids in the family)

Conservation Consequences is an interactive storytelling game.

It focusses on conservation of species, global issues and society. The game gets you to write possible future narratives in a fun, creative and interactive way using ‘consequence cards’ (which will help to guide the stories).

The decisions made by each player will affect the other people playing the game.

Play Conservation Consequences

For those interested in a slightly more focussed version about our Sustainable Palm Oil Challenge

Try our Palm Oil Consequences Game




We hope you enjoy some of our games whilst at home this half term. We’d love to see the whole family joining in.

Let us know how you get on by tagging us in a photo on Twitter or Facebook!

Around the World in 5 Rainforests

For more half term fun, join us on an exciting rainforest adventure as we visit a new rainforest each day. Using your BEST detective skills, follow the trail of some amazing animals and put your codebreaking skills to the test, for a special surprise at the end of the week!

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